Melissa Abbott

Emailing Doubles Your Business Sales


Hello Business Owner,

Selling your products or services can be tough, right?

Imagine, though, positioning your business through emails where you no longer go to your customers; they come to you.

By implementing an email strategy, a couple of things will start to happen:

You’ll begin to make more sales.

Your customers will spread the word; marketing your business for free and your bottom line will increase some more.

Beat out your competition.

Use what they don’t know.

Utilize email copywriting to distinguish your business from the rest.

Why is email so useful?

80% of people check their email within the first fifteen minutes of waking! (Source Constant Contact)


Be the business that makes most of their sales through email.

Be PROACTIVE. Showcase your products. Make announcements. Help people use your product or service. Share a story. Or follow up.

Send frequent emails that are entertaining and informative. Adding value to your customer’s lives will guarantee an increase in your sales.

Someone once told me this gold nugget of advice: “You won’t sell anything if no one knows you’re there.”

Become familiar and stay in your customer’s forefront by sending frequent emails and you’re sure to increase your business sales by 60% in one month or less.

But, you don’t have to go it alone and don another hat in your business.

This is how I help businesses increase their sales.

It takes the right emails to persuade your customers to buy. Implement the service of a trained email copywriter to get into the heart of your customers, so that they open their wallet.

That could be time guzzling work for you; taking time away from you running your business.

But, not for me.

I write sales emails that help clients increase their incomes by moving their list into buy mode.

If your business isn’t making all the money you want it to, pass the hat, my friend.

Give me a call or text at (651)336-8834 or email me at and let’s talk.

P.S. Research says emails are checked twenty times a day versus checking a website once.


Melissa Abbott
Email Copywriter

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