Melissa Abbott REIKI Classes

Melissa Abbott has been a USUI SHIKI RYOHO Third Degree REIKI Master for 27 years, studying with several top Reiki Masters of the 20th Century in the tradition of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata using REIKI as a tool of wellness in her personal life. In this course she will share her years of experience integrating REIKI 1 hands on tools to uplift, heal, and transform.  First meeting Hawayo Takata and her granddaughter in a California newspaper office in 1977, I felt special energy around them. Later, I met other Reiki Masters such as John Harvey Gray, and also felt the same thing. Intrigued, I eventually took REIKI Initiation 1-2-Master level with Julia Carroll in South Fallsburg NY in 1994.

 Teaching REIKI from Boston to Maine Area for several years, later focusing on teaching Hatha Yoga & Meditation. In recent months, especially during Pandemic, I started using REIKI more everyday than ever before. I was asked by the owner of THE HOT YOGA STUDIO in Seabrook, NH to hold an upcoming class for her friends, family, and clients.

UPCOMING REIKI 1 CLASS – SAt Oct 23, 2021 Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates 75 Railroad Ave Epping NH. The REIKI 1 Training has an emphasis on SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES for your Personal Wellness, Lifestyle, Family, Cooking, and Pets. sign up: or Mind Body App

Reiki is an effective, gentle, and simple method for your life using your hands as tools of wellness. If you are interested or feel guided to take the REIKI 1 Training and need to discuss call or text Melissa 978-852-0381

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