Mandala of the Five Dakini’s Meditation – Full Practice

Mandala of the Five Dakini’s Meditation

Full Practice

This is a recording of a complete 5 Dakini Meditation Practice Session at the end of a 6 week study (recorded by Melissa Abbott during a zoom call at my friend Jo Haight Sarling’s home in Cocoa Beach, FL.), from a book study and meditation practice group studying the book “ Wisdom Rising” The Mandala of the Empowered Feminine, by Lama Tsultrim Allione. In the first 5 weeks we have studied the individual practices, attributes and states of each of the 5 Dakini’s. Sounding their Seed Syllables and embodying their attributes in meditation as a way of transformation burning through encumbered states of being, resulting in a more expanded unencumbered wisdom consciousness of each Dakini, week by week.  This is a Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Practice brought from India to Tibet about 800ad by Guru Rinpoche or Padma Sambhava. 

the Mandala as a cosmological system, and through the Mandala we experience the encumbered and transformed unencumbered states of the Dakinis (which are aspects of the sacred feminine). The Mandala being the one ground and the practice is an uncovering of our own enlightened awareness and transformation into enlightened presence.

Its been a beautiful journey learning the 5 Dakini Practices with all of the participants around the world including UK, Switzerland, and Argentina. Thank you for your involvements, synergy, focus, love, and interest. Special Thanks to Jo Haight Surling for having the practice at her home in Cocoa Beach and helping me coordinate the process. There really is something special about practicing in a group.

The Five Dakini’s practices work with transforming encumbered energies ( Samskaras) such as  procrastination, neediness, envy, jealousy, anger, fear etc into “The Wisdom Energies of the Dakinis evolved/transformed/manifersted to an unencumbered view”. The mandala/circle, elemental energies, directional energies, visualization, seed syllables, Uccara, etc are used in the Dakini practices.

Ultimately, the absolute level is beyond gender, how on a relative level men and women get to the ultimate level may be very different paths. Women have long thought they have to act like men to attain anything in this world. The cultural messages truly effect and disempower women on so many levels.

The Dakini is a messenger of spasciousness, a force of truth, a transitional primal power, a fierce compassion for change and upliftment.  I believe the recognition of feminine empowerment holds a key to cultural evolution and that awareness of practices line the Five Dakini’s .

I highly recommend you get the book and read it, until you get the book, tho, it is all right to come and practice and get a taste of it and see if it is for you. It is exciting work

I ask that we practice not only for ourselves but for the benefit of all. 

Published by Melissa Abbott Yoga & Meditation Podcast

A lifelong meditator, learner and seeker, Melissa started her journey with a Hatha Yoga class in 1970 at age 17. Later after a stint in Art School and extensive travel, Melissa became a resident at Shree Muktananda Ashram in upstate NY studying Siddha Yoga meditation practices and is a disciple of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and the Siddha Lineage Of Swami Muktananda and Bhagwan Nityananda. There she became acquainted with Shaiva Tantra Meditation from Kashmir, while studying with Dr. Paul Mueller Ortega, Dr.Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton aka Swami Durgananda and many other teachers residing there at that time. Melissa also studied Tibetan Buddhist Practices of the Sakya Lineage with Luding Khenchen Rimpoche. Melissa has had a 40+ year meditation practice receiving many initiations and transmissions from many great contemporary teachers. Currently, since 2017 Melissa has been studying with Christopher Wallis a Sanskrit Scholar Phd covering “The Recognition Sutras”, “Vijnana Bhairava”, “Spanda Karikas”, and “Tantraloka”. Melissa is an avid reader, studying with the scholarly works of Christopher Wallis PhD, Alexis Sanderson Phd.Oxford University , Christopher Tompkins PHd Candidate University Of CA Berkley, and James Mallinson from SOAS in London. A member of, Melissa keeps up with the latest translations of historic Yogic Writings by contemporary scholars. On the Hatha Yoga front, Melissa has studied Iyengar and Anusara Hatha Yoga in the 1990’s and later took her first hot yoga class 10 years ago with Suzanne Elliott in Merritt Island, FL, becoming a Raja Hot Core Hatha Yoga 500 hour Teacher in 2016 with Craig Villani. In 2017 she became a USA Yoga Coach and started judging video submissions in 2019. In 2018 Melissa studied with Jimmy Barkan Level 2 Hot Vinyasa Training in Ft Lauderdale and 2019 Adi Westerman’s Teaching 26/2 Plus Training. A member of the Original Hot Yoga Asso OHYA and a Hot Yoga Teacher at Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates in Epping NH and Blue Yoga Group in Swampscott, MA. “Melissa Abbott Yoga and Meditation” has a weekly Visionary Tantric Yoga & Yoga Nidra Podcast available on Spotify, ITunes Podcasts, Podbean and YouTube.

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