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Yoga Nidra Meditation on the Pulsation of Consciousness


This Yoga Nidra Full Moon Meditation on the Pulsation of Consciousness Recorded Live at Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates Epping NH on Dec 9, 2019 after a Hot Vinyasa Class led by Melissa Abbott. 

This 15 minute Yoga Nidra meditation is based on the Spanda Karikas verses 30-34 written in 800 CE by the sage Vasugupta. Spanda in Sanskrit means the Devine Creative Pulsation of Consciousness and Karikas means a collection of verses. This collection of verses from over 1000 years ago bring the wisdom of Shaiva Tantra Meditation to modern life. This Yoga Nidra takes us to the deep relaxation that we slip into when we connect with our own inner pulsating creative awareness. These Yoga Nidra Meditations happen weekly on Monday Nights, 75 Railroad Ave., Epping NH 

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