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Birthday Bliss Yoga Nidra Meditation


Welcome to the Birthday Bliss Yoga Nidra Podcast with Melissa Abbott. In this podcast we explore our deepest inner screen of consciousness with effortless awareness during a gentle session in the hypnogogic state between sleeping and wakefulness. Yoga Nidra is known to create a deep relaxation within that boosts wellness, immunity, improves depression, chronic pain, PTSD, calms the nervous system, develops mental will power, joy, and wellbeing. For those of you who work on deep patterning of your consciousness, Yoga Nidra is known to heal grief, anger, and helps you to become more emotionally stable. 

Yoga Nidra can be done at anytime you have a small block of time to relax, perhaps after lunch before a nap, after a strenuous Hatha Yoga Session, or at bedtime. It ensures activation of the nervous system and helps your body completely relax and heal within.

This Yoga Nidra was created in June 2019 for after a Barkan Hot Vinyasa Class at Steam House Hot Yoga and Pilates in Epping NH where I teach Hot Hatha Yoga around the time of my birthday. I share this with you, that you may do it on your own birthday or any day, as everyday is the first day of the rest of our lives. Rest, Recover, Renew, Rejuevenate, and Transform with a restructuring Yoga Nidra Session. 

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