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Melissa’s Fall Schedule North of Boston


Learn the habits of enlightened living that are your birthright and your ticket to healing, radiance, and longevity. Energy,Sleep,Rejuvenation,Focus, all Enhance your natural abilities. Get to Yoga Class regularly, practice some form of meditation, breathing exercises and breathing deeply, eat Whole Foods, hydrate, get out in nature, connect with like minded community, and relax at night, wind down, go to bed early, and get up early. Feel amazing and activate your rejuvenation and longevity mojo!

Massachusetts Classes ( links to sign up

North of Boston Folks: Blue Hot Yoga in Swampscott ( Bikram Style) ( studio only) MON 8am-WED 8:30am ( this yoga class has sound healing ad yoga nidra meditation component) & FRI 8:30am – class 3x a week ( Mon/Wed/Fri) with me and change your life!

Cape Ann Folks:
Treetop Yoga Gloucester ( studio & streaming)
Slow Gentle Yoga with (Iyengar Style) Restorative Postures ( a form of hatha yoga and meditation suitable for any level – older students and beginners will love this )
MON 11am & TUE 10:45am

1x A MONTH Tara Illuminated Feminine Empowerment Goddess Circle meditation class, teachings of Tibetan Goddess Tara (includes transformative sequences of visualization, mantra, seed syllables, and meditation) next class NOV 16 THURS NITE 6:45pm

Cape Ann Power Yoga – Gloucester ( studio & streaming)
EVERY TUE NITE: 7pm “ Power & Peace” Simple Baptist Vinyasa Sequence with Sound healing and Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation ( includes advanced Śaiva Tantra & Buddhist Vajrayana meditation techniques in the Yoga Nidra container)
WED NOON – Baptist Power Yoga Vinyasa 60 min

Melisa Abbott is the author of Tara Illuminated The Mandala of the 21 Tara’s and the Mandala of the 21 Tara’s practice deck – link to buy:

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