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The Why’s of Restorative Yoga

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The Whys? Restorative Yoga
Who doesn’t love a power vinyasa yoga class? I do myself, so many benefits! Having said that, we all know this world is a very stress inducing place. You may not be sleeping well, have injuries, processing emotion milestones, feeling anxiety, transitioning into a new situation….


For those unacquainted with this practice, Restorative Yoga involves utilizing bolsters, blankets, pillows, straps, and blocks to provide support for our bodies as we assume various poses. By remaining in these positions for extended durations, we can redirect our focus towards our breath and activate our parasympathetic nervous system. Consider it a gateway to meditation, offering a gentle and accessible path towards tranquility.

In contrast to a dynamic Vinyasa class, Restorative Yoga does not present physical challenges that divert our attention from our thoughts. Embracing the rest and digest mode, which hinges upon the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system, or more simply put, our capacity to unwind, holds the key.
Restorative Yoga = Longevity, Stress Relief, Self Care, Deep Relaxation, Better Sleep, Injury Recovery, Emotional Healing and Integration, Improved Immune Function, Mindfulness, Increased Flexibility, Nervous System Restoration, Balance, and Rejuvenation

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