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Awakened Awareness Yoga Nidra Immersion


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Awakened Awareness

Yoga Nidra Immersion with Sound Bath

Recorded Live at Steam House Hot Yoga in Epping, NH USA

by Melissa Abbott after a Power Vinyasa Class on Sept 11, 2021 with Heidi James on soundscape singing bowls.

This Yoga Nidra was designed to awaken the inner consciousness.   Mind/emotions/senses/thinking are here one moment and gone the next, they are ephemeral in nature. They arise and subside in a greater space of Self Awareness which is something far more fundamental than any ideas you might have about yourself. 
Having the realization that Awareness is not something that you do, but rather something that you Are, is a awakening of witness consciousness, a major step in personal evolution.

Make yourself comfortable, lying on your back with a natural fiber shawl covering you to contain the meditation energy. Headphones are recommended. Enjoy ❤️🙏🧘‍♀️ A Simple but Powerful Practice

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