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Tattva Bhavana Yoga Nidra with Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Melissa Abbott with Singing Bowls at Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates

Tattva Bhavana Yoga Nidra

with Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

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Bhavana means feeling and Tattva means feeling into what is, as in feeling into your consciousness awareness.

In this Yoga Nidra Meditation we use a 1000 year old meditation technique, which is a foundational tantric yogic practice known to help people get into deeper and more profound states of meditation. In this meditation, you listen with your whole body, using a soft focus to merge your senses and whole field of awareness together, resonating and expanding.

This was recorded live by Melissa Abbott at Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates in Epping NH USA on July 19, 2021 after a Hot Flow Vinyasa class. Crystal Singing Bowls played live with a background of recorded drone Tambura ( an Indian instrument known for its meditative focus) by Melissa Abbott creating a beautiful atmosphere to really relax and let go, digesting and dissolving, being at one within and with life.
The benefits of a daily meditation practice are known to improve the quality of life, activating the relaxation response, improving the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system, regenerating and repairing from the inside out. Learning to relax is a very important part of a yoga and life practice.
Find a quiet time to practice, using headphones is great, this meditation is can be done either sitting up or lying down. Enjoy

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