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I am so Glad I Live in a World where there are October’s – Catch a Class with me In Studio, On Demand, Zoom


A famous author once said

“I am so glad I live in a world where there are October’s”. There are many reasons to love the Fall Season. For many people, though, this season seems to be all about stimulating anxiety & fright. Halloween, It’s getting Darker Earlier, and the Election are all outer manifestations of this energy. I want to remind you, that truly speaking, Peace comes from within yourself and as the Buddha admonished his students “Do not seek it (peace) elsewhere.” My strategy is to Move the Way Self Acceptance, Love and Joy make you Move, and Not the way anxiety, fear, and self bullying make you move. This requires Practice, Patience, and Presence. As the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said: “ Mastering others is Strength, Mastering Yourself is True Power. Learning how to get In Touch with your deepest inner Presence helps you connect and integrate your own internal rhythms and well being. This is what Yoga is all about. Practicing on the Physical level with Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga balances and transforms on all subtle levels. The physical ( feel better and more aligned, the mental ( gain mental strength), the emotional ( super charge your emotional self ) and getting in touch with your Inner Self ( that Peaceful place within ).

Remember, ( very important ) Yoga is not for the Flexible, it’s for the Willing. In my classes, it doesn’t matter how deep you go in a posture, what matters is the person you are doing them. I like to subscribe to the three bears philosophy, “Not to Much, Not to Little, go to the Just Right Place” This means you can level up and level down in my classes and you are guided and supported to do that. Lots of Yoga Teachers want to show you how they can do pretty poses, I want to teach you to stoke your Metabolic Fire so you can have More Love, More Joy, More Peace, More Compassion and Especially More Self Acceptance in your Life. So Yes, I am glad to live in a world that has October’s, the chance to stop beating yourself up with your limitations and more of a chance to use your Yoga Class Time to embody and connect to the Radiant You, igniting your Well Being from the Inside Out. Yes it really is an inside job!

@steamhousenh Mon 4:30 & 6:15 Thurs 9am In studio recorded classes available on Demand 75 Railroad Ave., Epping NH or MindBody App

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NEW NEW NEW @capeannpoweryoga Sat 9am In Studio & Zoom or MindBody App $12 drop in on Zoom 186 Main Street Gloucester MA

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Catch a Class with me In Studio, On Demand, Zoom
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