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Labor Day Yoga, Thoughts & Schedule


6am Labor Day 2020 Practice guided by Elizabeth via zoom @capeannpoweryoga . Thank you and much and gratitude for the class and your service in the world.
Our own bodies are a sacred mandala emanating from our own inner flame, residing in our heart center. As we approach the Fall Season, from where you are right now, in this time, in this space, Labor Day 2020, contemplate the last year, from this day in 2019. In the past year, you have had 7,884,000 breaths, 365 sunrises and sunsets, 26 new and full moons, and a pandemic which has maybe radically changed your ways and means of doing your life. Take some time, at this juncture of the year, to feel your own biological and cosmological rhythm, your internal clock, where you are consistently rebirthing yourself over and over again and again. The flow of the earthly elements are within you, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether and flowing like oceans, rivers, and streams in your being. The life force and flow of the cosmos is within you. Be in the Moment with this, meditate a bit, take yoga class to activate the energy in your body, slow down, deep breathing, remember your inner center, your bindu, your heart mandala. Have a beautiful, quiescent day transitioning from summer towards the fall equinox on Sept 21. I will be teaching 3x this coming week: Wed Sept 9 & Fri Set 11 8:30am ( and every Wed and Fri Morning) @blueyogaswamp 644 Humphrey St., Swampscott, MA – Thurs 9am @steamhousenh 75 Railroad Ave., Epping NH ( Every Thur Morning). Preregistration is required in these times so message me to reserve a place in Swampscott. NH students can register on the MIndBody App or #hotyoga #hotvinyasa #26&2 #laborday2020 #ourbodiesareasacredmandala #internalclock #bindu #rebirthingyourself #cyclesoftheyear #heartcenter #approachingthefallseason #yogaclass #melissaabbottyoga #cultivateyourinnerflame #radiance #awareness #awake #juncturesoftheyear #gettoyogaclass

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