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Low Carb Keto Sandwich Rolls similar to the Discontinued Joseph’s Sandwich Thins



What I did

Baking in Oven
Proofing the Dough 1/2 hour

Copycat Joseph’s Sandwich Thins. These 6 carb a piece Sandwich Rolls were DISCONTINUED in 2019. They were my saving grace for my low carb lifestyle. Recently I tried my hand at replicating them using Vital Wheat Gluten ( gives it the cheery texture like bread without carbs), Oat Flour and Ground Yellow Flax Meal. These are a homemade version but actually pretty good.

The dough came our a bit wet so I did add additional Oat Flour and Vital Wheat Gluten to stiffen it up at the end to be more like a bread dough. I only let them rise 1/2 hour because I wanted the flat bread thing but you could let them rise longer for rolls or make a loaf of bread out of it. I bought Bob’s Red Mill variety of these flours at Demoulas Market Basket. You have to use a sweetener to activate yeast so I used a scant teaspoon honey. Pretty much, the carbs in the honey are eaten up by the yeast in proofing. I figure, off hand, these babies are similar in carb content to the Commercial Joseph’s product ( 6 carbs) that was discontinued. The upper left hand of this photo montage shows the original package. Company still makes wraps and Pita breads but I don’t love them as much. I tried to love them but I don’t, so this is what drove me to experiment with this recipe. Let me know if you try it and what you did? It’s still a WIP, although I just had one toasted with almond butter on it and it was soooo good!! #lowcarb #lowcarbrecipes #lowcarbsandwichthins #copycatjosephssandwichthins #keto #ketodiet #gottohavebread

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