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Three Bindu Yoga Nidra recorded Live at Steam House Hot Yoga


Three Bindu Yoga Nidra recorded Live at Steam House Hot Yoga  Sept 23, 2019 with Melissa Abbott as your guide.

The Three Bindu Meditation is a Trika Tantric Yoga Visionary Meditation used to activate the embodiment, life force energy, and awareness centers within the meditator.

This session was made after a Hot Vinyasa class, where the Yoga Nidra Savasana Meditation is used to calm the body and brain after an intense physical workout. The Three Bindus Meditation is usually a longer more involved session given in a seated position. This practice was modified for a simple Yoga Nidra which will leave the student refreshed, enlivened, and relaxed.

Three Bindu Meditation is a powerful healing practice that can be used in timing to the moon. In standard Tantric practice this is used the day or evening before the full moon or can be used at anytime to awaken your primary energy centers Head, Heart and Gut. You can use this as an opportunity or doorway to deepen or intensify your own expanded awareness using the liminal or twilight state of Yoga Nidra Meditation helping you to repose in your true essence nature. Our essence nature is one Bindu, one Universal Consciousness but can refract through the prism of our bodily awareness to Three Bindus or primary points of awareness.

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“Back to Yoga School” The History of Hatha Yoga at Blaze Hot Yoga, 800 Islington St., Portsmouth NH – Saturday September 28, 2019 12:30-2pm Slideshow of the Roots and Beginnings of Hatha Yoga from early Ascetics, Tantras, Early Classical Writings to Modern Day Postural Yoga in the West. How did Hatha Yoga begin and why? How did it get to the West? What are the connections and relationships. We will end the workshop with a classic Visionary Tantric Yoga Meditation using some early yogic techniques using the breath and mantra from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. A 1000 year old Tantric meditation manual. This practice will help you connect the dots to early practices to your own present you practice. sign up: .

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