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Stupa of Sanchi 50-25 BCE

Here we see an early depiction circa 25-50 BCE of an Ascetic Hatha Yogi as part of a carved Stupa. He has his hair in Jata ( dreadlocks), has a Yoga Strap or Bata, Water Pot, and Hut as well as other early iconography. The very first writings that called Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga are in the Dattatreyashashastra ( a text written by a sage Kapila thought to be 13th Century CE. Learn more about what we know about early Hatha Yoga and why, what, where and when at “Back to Yoga School” with Melissa Abbott signup: , 800 Islington St., Portsmouth, NH or signup: MINDBODY App – Sept 28 12:30-2pm #hathayoga #yogahistory #asceticyogis #yoga

If you are a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Student this workshop is a Must!

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