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History of the Hatha Method of Yoga Workshop with Melissa Abbott


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BACK TO YOGA SCHOOL Sat Feb 22 12:30-2:30pm Cape Ann Power Yoga, 186 Main St. Gloucester, MA with Melissa Abbott featuring a Slideshow illustrating the Classical Hatha Yoga to Present Day Contemporary Hatha Yoga in North America. Have you ever wondered How did Hatha Yoga begin and why? How old is it? We will explore the how, when, where, and why of Hatha Yoga and its early Tantric and Ascetic Sampradaya Roots including an overview of the most famous Hatha Yoga teachers and writings. We explore in what ways Tantra influenced present day Hatha Yoga Practice.
Next we will trace how the various streams of Hatha Yoga that came to the West during the last 120 years.

You will find out about the various types of yoga and yoga traditions. You will be surprised at the many fluid and early connections. What postures came from where? We will touch on Mysore, Bengali, Kashmir, Ascetic, Tantric, and Nath roots. You will leave the Workshop with a sense of History and Connection to your own present Hatha Yoga Practice.

Melissa teaches Hot Vinyasa & Hot Yoga 26/2 @ Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates, Epping NH and Blue Yoga Group, Swampscott, MA
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