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1st Goddess Circle is Green Tara @treetopyoga


1st Goddess Circle is Green Tara
Sept 28 6:45pm sign up: ( it’s not under workshops) $25 Drop In, $22.50 Treetop Members, $80 for 4x package including Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec. Goddess Circles but to get that discount email studio: or msg me for details, questions, and to let me know you are part of the circle.
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Available: Studio or Streaming ( if you can’t make it, recordings available) You can come to circle ⭕️ n the comfort of your own home.

In the Mandala of the 21 Tara’s there is an additional Tara, she is Green Tara the Center of the Mandala ( 2 make 22) and the leader of all the Taras in the Circle. The Mandala represents a circle of experience and is a roadmap for feminine empowerment and the spiritual journey. Green Tara is the leader and leads the way! So it’s makes sense that she is the first Goddess Circle @treetopyoga . The roots of her practice go back to a time in Northern India and Tibet when sacred trees of the Kādira Forest were thought to be powerful feminine energetic influences of the region. I think it is incredibly appropriate that the 1x a month Goddess Circle is at a place called Treetop Yoga and that our course starts with Green Tara. We will study her history, teachings, seed syllables, invocations, meanings of iconography and mantra ( bring your mala beads and prayer shawls) ( there will be detailed translation of the meaning of the Sanskrit Mantras & Teachings) and we will do the Green Tara practice. We will have sharing and connection. Her practice is known to have what is called “ all accomplishing” energy. With Green Tara all is accomplished, she sets the tone. She Leads the way for all the other Taras in the Mandala or circle.

In our 1x a month, Goddess Circles we will be investigating, learning, and practicing the path of the Tara Mandala.
This is sacred and deep work of feminine empowerment. I invite you to join the circle, the mandala, the sisterhood and not only learn about this revered Tibetan Goddess and all her emanations but to upgrade, hold space and be open to the wisdom of the circle, connection, feminine empowerment, support, and having the right circle of women in your sphere is a great life upgrade.

“Tara Illuminated The Mandala of the 21 Tara’s” Book & Cards available on ebook, paperback or softcover or in the Treetop Yoga Lobby. You do not have to buy the book to come to the Goddess Circle.
Artwork of Green Tara by me Melissa Abbott in this ad modeled by Bethany Dixon. Prints available on:

I have been working on this project for over 2 years and even wrote a book to support it. If your inner guidance is interested come to the circle. #transformation

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