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New Practice Group on Zoom and YouTube starting on the 21 Taras


Hi All,
I am definately starting a 21 Taras free online meditation and mantra repetition practice group on zoom. ( YouTube recordings available for those not on the zoom call) Serious Students of Feminine Enlightenment practices will love this series! In this way you can practice at your own convenience or use the recordings to repeat the practice. It’s nice to have the synergy and refuge of a Satsang/community. These are feminine empowered Tibetan Tantric Practices brought from India to Tibet about 1000 years ago by Atisha, a Tantric Meditation Master and have been passed down and used for generations of practitioners both women and men since that time frame so these practices have an incredible amount of compassionate Shakti and these Taras are so relavrnt to todays world and what we encounter in our lives.

Each week we’ll practice the meanings, history and stories behind each of the 21 Taras, a set of mantra repetitions ( each tara has specific mantras ) and a meditation. This is a learning group using the book “Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha” which is available on Amazon, kindle and audible ( there is also a set of 22 Tara Cards which have the mantras on them by the same author and she sells them separately at: ) (they are nice to have but not necessary)

Anyone who is interested please EMAIL ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can notify you for the zoom calls and YouTube recordings.
You will also like to have a Mala ( set of prayer beads) and a nice natural fiber shawl to use in the practice
I have been doing these practices since the end of our 5 Dakini’s Practice Group and they are so so beautiful. Whose In? #21taras #greentara #tibentantantra #feminineempowerment #practicegroup #rachelwooten #femalebuddha #liberatingpower #meditationgroup #mantrarepetition #melissaabbottyogaandmeditation

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