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Green Tara – The Enlightened Female Buddha History and Practice Sadhana


Green Tara

 The Enlightened Female Buddha

History and Practice Sadhana


Includes short Mantra Repetion and Meditation
Om Tare Turare Ture Swaha

Recorded by Melissa Abbott with Tamboura and Singing Bowl Soundbath.

In this 45 Min Practice Session you will Learn the Green Tara Mantra and Meditation Practice. Luminous Green Tara comes from the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Tradition. Tara helps you to overcome fears, poverty of mind and spirit, remaining present to life’s difficulties, you can give her anything. We will be invoking her with Mantra and meditation allowing you to heal your past and create a new paradigm. She is known as the Great Mother, the giver of enlightened consciousness, helping you recognize your own true nature, which is, in reality, her own true nature. 

Have Your Japa Mala and Natural fiber meditation shawl ready and a Quiet Place to Practice.

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