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Fire Wheel Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowl Sound Immersion


Recorded Live at Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates Monday Oct. 25, 2021 by Melissa Abbott with Singing Bowl Sound Scape after a Hot Power Vinyasa Class while in Savasana.

This Yoga Nidra is a beautiful Heart Based Meditation activating the Lunar Left Ida Nadi (relating to inhalation and objects of awareness) , the Central Sushumna Nadi (pure essence nature and Fire), and the Right Solar Pingala Nadi (relating to the exhale and the act of cognition) in a Caduceus meeting point at the base of the heart where all senses merge together creating an intensification/vibration of life energy transforming into a nourishing radiant wheel of Fire that uplifts the practioners natural vitality and transcendence.

Best Practice is to lie or sit quietly, observing yourself, listen to the sound of my voice, headphones are great, relax and enjoy this guided Yoga Nidra.

This is the set up meditation for a much longer practice of the Fire Wheel Meditation Sequence from Abinavagupta’s “ Tantrasara” Chapter 5, a 1000 year old Shaiva Tantra Text of Meditation Practices from Kashmir. The longer version is taught in retreats or in person. The set up itself is very affirming and a way to gather transcendent energy in the practitioner.

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