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Last Call Early Bird Sign Up Reiki Trainings @steamhousenh


Attn all my Reiki 1 peeps who took Reiki 1 with me earlier this year
REIKI 2 Oct 24 11:30-5:30

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Early Bird Option which comes to an ends tomorrow Sept 15

, Several of you have already signed up for Reiki 2 and it’s going to be Epic, taking your Reiki Practice to another level. It includes healing at a distance ( use for your loved ones who are far away) , healing the past, using Reiki for Trauma at the cellular memory level, learning and using Reiki symbols in your practice ( which intensifies your Reiki) , a second attention practice to use Reiki for processing while you are doing things at home, school, work, and out and about, and 2 more ways to purify and protect your loved ones, home, vehicles and self. You will get a Reiki 2 Manual, 2 new Reiki Attunements that intensify and deepen your 1st degree, and Reiki 2 certification. I am really looking forward to all those who want to take the practice to another level. Reiki 2 is a powerful medium and only for those who are serious about using Reiki. This training is life changing and having had the summer to integrate Reiki 1 into your being, this is the time to learn Reiki 2. If you have any questions about Reiki 2 please message me. I want to share this with those of you who are ready, willing, and guided

REIKI 1 – Oct 23 11:30-5:30
Those of you who haven’t taken Reiki 1 yet, this is your opportunity to bring the Reiki 1 self healing techniques into your personal wellness, life, your home/work/school/pets, You will learn techniques to plug energy leaks in your life, Reiki for difficult relationships, hands on Reiki and hand placements, how to give a Reiki Treatment to yourself and others. Emotional Digestion practices using Reiki, a Reiki 1 manual, and Reiki 1 Certification.
I am a Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Master practicing for 27 years. I bring wisdom and years of working with Reiki to the trainings.
Steam House, 75 Railroad Ave in Epping NH is a beautiful facility with a dedicated Reiki Room for sessions. There is also a Smoothie Shop next door for our breaks. Easily accessible for those in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Come for the day and change your life! #reiki

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