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Vijnana Bhairava Retreat


I am on a 4 day Zoom meditation retreat this weekend practicing the Vijnana Bhairava which is a 112 specialized meditation techniques ( aka known as the yoga of delight, wonder, and amazement) that have been in living lineage for 1500 years in the Shaiva Tantra Tradition originating in Kashmir with Chris Wallis zooming into his Tantrika Institute in Portugal. In Sanskrit Jnana means knowledge, Vijnana is specialized knowledge. They include using awareness, consciousness, imagination, mudra, bhandhas, ucchara, mantra and Bhava ( attitude). Wonderfully introspective and powerfully vibrational. On one of my breaks making a big batch of granola to have with yoghurt between sessions this weekend. ❤️🧘‍♀️🙌🙏 Very enlivened teachings #anotherkindofyoga #meditation #vijnanabhairavatantra I have actually been reading these verses for about 30 years ( Jaideva Singh translation). Since Christopher Wallis is a fantastically accomplished Sanskrit scholar as well as a practitioner, his translation which is coming out in book form is very awakened and he transmits the verses from the ancient yogis and yoginis with a special transmission. Yes, in Kashmir, there is a history of accomplished women yoginis, gurus, and teachers.

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