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Tues & Thurs Mornings 8:30 am 60 min 26/2 live Zoom Yoga Class with Melissa


When you practice Yoga everyday, it doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits others as well. When you Breathe Deeply and Align your body in the Hatha Yoga Postures, you are using an age old method of creating connection with yourself and the world at large helping you shift your perspective, creating a safe haven within. Make it Fun, Check In, Be Strong, Be Empowered, Be Grateful 8:30am Tues and Thurs 60 min classes #letspracticetogether #createyogacommunitytogether #openeyedmeditation #26and2 #youaregoingtolikethewayyoufeel via the Zoom App on your phone, iPad, or computer. Set Your Intention – Click here to sign up:
Many thanks to the Cape Ann Power Yoga community for opening up their schedule to accommodate the 26/2 community during the pandemic times.
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