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Melissa Abbott 60 min Vinyasa Class with 15 min Aware of Awareness Yoga Nidra


Recorded Live: Melissa Abbott Teaches 60 Min Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with 15 Minute Becoming “Aware of Awareness” Yoga Nidra Meditation

Steam House Hot Yoga & Pilates Epping, NH Feb 17, 2020

A lively and focused fast paced Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Melissa Abbott activating the bodies Prana Shakti or Life Force Energy, Rejuvenating and Restoring Floor Postures, and a Guided 15 Min Yoga Nidra Meditation at the end of class designed to totally relax the rejuvenate the body and brain. This class happens every Mon Nite at 4:30pm. Please attend if you are in Southern NH or Northern Massachusetts area. Bliss for the Body and Brain! 

Melissa Abbott Yoga & Meditation podcasts are available on Spotify, YouTube, Podbean and iTunes. Visionary Tantric Meditations, Yoga Nidras, Sitting Tantric Meditations, and Yoga Classes.

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