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Transforming the Energy of the Mind, Shakta Upaya Yoga Nidra I am a Loving and Beautiful Person


Transforming the Energy of the Mind, Shakta Upaya Yoga Nidra

In this Yoga Nidra Session we are practicing a technique called “Shakta Upaya”, using the power of the mind to transform the mind. This 1000 year old meditation technique comes from the Shaiva Tantra tradition of Kashmir. Shakta Upaya consisted of purifying the mind to replace misaligned stories, patterns, and triggers with aligned ones. Our emotional states are often linked to subconscious thought patterns. In Sanskrit, these thought patterns are called Vikalpas. Vikalpas are the stories, patterns, and triggers we look to overcome. In this Yoga Nidra Immersion session we are using the power of our own mind to overcome our patterns and stories. This turns the mind from outward turning limited filter for experience into an engine for experiencing our own innate energy of divinity. In a sense we use the mind to stop chasing the mind. Coaxing our mind to think pure thoughts that create clusters of neurons in our brains to reframe the mind. We introduce the pure thought “I am a Beautiful & Loving Person” in this Yoga Nidra. 

In the Yogic Tradition, Yoga Nidra is known to restore and cool down the body after a Hatha Yoga Session where it activates the nervous system to absorb the physical asanas. It is also known to improve sleep, good for chronic pain, grief, deep relaxation, PTSD, alleviates anxiety, improves depression, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, and developed mental willpower bringing joy and well being to practitioners.

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