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Expanded Golden Pillar Meditation Dissolving Your Triggers


Expanded Golden Pillar Meditation Dissolving Your Triggers

A powerful foundational Tantric Yoga Meditation Practice taken from the illuminated 1000+ year old spiritual masterpiece, “The Pratyabhijna-Hrdraya” also known as The Recognition Sutras. In the Recognition Sutras or The Heart of Recognition, the author, Rajanaka Ksemaraja, gives us useful and practical ways to embrace the whole of our experience of the expanded center, so we can release and surrender our identification with our psychological self, our unresolved past, stories we tell ourselves, mental constructs, and samskaras. Those things that get us triggered and stuck with revolving mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns. In essence this we can move on from our conditioning and touch more deeply within ourselves.

This meditation became alive for me a couple of years ago when I took a Recognition Sutras course with Christopher Hareesh Wallis. I had actually been interested and studied this text on and off since 1991. It wasn’t until his translation of the actual practices in Chapter 18 that this text spoke so clearly to my actual meditation practice. I started implementing them into my daily meditation sessions and the result has been stunning clarity to embrace the whole of reality.

Recently, While on retreating July 2019 with Christopher Hareesh Wallis at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, we worked with this Meditation practice. This is my interpretation of his teachings via Ksemaraja of 1000 years ago. I hope you will experience that the radical acceptance to the nature of reality means surrender to what wants to move though you. This practice has the ability to help you relax out of identification with your stories and patterns and stop clinging to aversions and self images.

Christopher Hareesh Wallis is the author of Tantra Illuminated and The Recognition Sutras.

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