50% Deposit due up front before the start of the project via PayPal link which I will send in an email to you.

Credit card payments accepted through Paypal.

Upon receipt of payment, an invoice showing the deposit is paid will be sent.

Your project will begin:

  • After 50% deposit
  • After You’ve ok’d this contract
  • I’ve received your background material

Please send your background material to


The first draft will be ready within 5-7 days from receipt of the deposit, barring any unforeseen illness, accident, or Act of God.


Up to 2 revisions are included at no extra cost UNLESS they are based on a change in the assignment after the copy is submitted.

ALL revisions must be assigned within 14 days of your receipt of the first draft copy.

After that, any additional rewrite is subject to a negotiated fee separate from this agreement.

Minor revisions typically take 3-4 business days.

Major revisions take additional time.


Cancels/Holds require a kill fee of HALF of the total fee.

Background materials are not returned unless there is an arrangement to do so before the start of the project.

If you can send the copy in layout (if you don’t use my design services), it is preferred so a check of element positions can be done and are correct and that all revisions are working effectively.

It is your responsibility to submit all copy for legal review.

It is your responsibility to do the final proofreading of all the copy.


No specific results are promised or guaranteed due to varying marketing factors.


If you agree and want to go ahead–

Make your deposit payment and respond to this email with “Let’s get started.”


Please contact or call (651) 336-8834.